Different Uses of Concealers

Different Uses of Concealers

Concealers come in a wide range of forms and can be used for many different purposes. Whether you need to conceal dark spots, redness, or under-eye circles – there is a concealer out there that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic!

Utilizing a Pencil Concealer

Pencil concealers are perfect for concealing pimples or minor imperfections on the face. They may also be used on eyes to highlight inner corners or provide illumination around the eyelid area in lighter shades.

Blending the Concealer

If you want your concealer to serve as a foundation product instead of just masking flaws, use either a sponge or brush for even application and an even, flawless look. You may also blend your makeup using the back of your hand for added precision.

Combining Your Concealer With Moisturizing Products

Combining your concealer with moisturizer can be an effective way to create a natural-looking foundation. This will help the concealer adhere to skin, prevent it from sliding or blending in with the rest of your makeup.

You can mix your concealer with tinted moisturizer or medium-coverage foundation to achieve even greater coverage. This will also help the concealer stick to skin better and ensure it lasts all day long.

Applying Your Concealer Before Foundation

When applying concealer prior to foundation, there can be excess concealer left on the skin. This may be an issue if wearing full coverage foundation as it will cause it to smudge or run.

Therefore, applying concealer after foundation is applied is the ideal strategy. This technique, known as ‘concealer sandwiching’, can effectively mask stubborn blemishes or redness that may be difficult to conceal with just foundation alone.

Concealing the Chiseled Effect with Concealer

To achieve that desired chiseled look, apply concealer to any hollows in your cheeks and around the sides of your nose. Doing this will help conceal dark circles and minimize fine lines.

To achieve this look, grab a shade or two darker than your normal concealer and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks and on your nose crease. After you’ve blended in the product into the skin, set it with either setting powder or spray for lasting perfection.

Another great use for concealer is to brighten up your face. If your complexion has dull or uneven patches, peach or orange-colored corrector can do the trick.

Once the corrector has been applied, use a dome fluffy brush to lightly dab it on areas of darkness. Once dry, follow up with concealer and setting powder for flawless coverage.

This technique will also provide better coverage than simply rubbing it in, since the skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and prone to damage.

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