EPSON Escort Services

The Levels of Escorts

Every industry has specific means through which they classify the work of an individual. For example, companies hire interns and monitor their work for a while before they make them a permanent employee. In the same manner, there are certain levels for escorts who tend to be classified based on their experience and level of knowledge in the industry. So here are those levels or steps of classification.


Just like how the name suggests, amateurs are individuals who have just entered the industry and still have no clue about the terms of service. They might be intimidated by their clients and often stand puzzled in a corner. Such individuals usually take some time to learn and adapt to the industry as any person requires time to get used to things. The terms and conditions, the policies, agreement or contract are few of the things which amateurs might not have a clue about. Their earnings might be less when compared to the rest, as they require reputation to climb up the top.


Intermediates are escorts who have settled down in the field but are yet to reach the top. Their financial capabilities are minimum but are financially stable. They are individuals who are aware of the terms and conditions but require some time to ultimately reach the top position in the industry. As far as experience is concerned, they might be better off than most of the amateurs, as they will be capable of providing clients with what they want.

Being an intermediate takes an ample amount of time, as they need to be familiarized with the functions of the industry. Such individuals tend to have regular clients depending upon the interests of escorts in attending to the demands of these clients. Although financially they are stable, they have not reached the top yet.

Experienced (High-end Escorts)

If intermediates have regular clients, then experienced escorts or high-end escorts have clients dying to be with them. These are individuals who have a specific name and fame to themselves, which is well known by all types of clients and people who avail such services. Experienced individuals have spent a couple of years in the industry and have reached this position step by step. They usually tend to follow a luxurious lifestyle, as money is not a problem for these people. The payments received by these people usually can be afforded only by people who are businessmen/women or take home a big fat paycheck.

Due to the high demand booking them might seem like a hard task, as their schedules seem to be pretty tight. Experienced escorts last in the industry for a couple of years, as they form a retirement plan which lets them enjoy the rest of their life.